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The other day in one of my online Mastermind email groups,  we were discussing the best copywriting courses.One guy said, “If I really could name only one I would pick  Clayton Makepeace’s giant course (forget the exact name)…BUT, there are many other great resources like:Yanik’s Big Copywriting CourseBreakthrough Advertising by Eugene ShwartzThe Robert Collier Letter BookMy Life in Advertising / Scientific Advertising by Claude HopkinsUltimate Sales Letter by Dan KennedyMy friend Joel Marion believes that Yanik’s course is the  best, and now here’s your chance to get it for FREE.Just sign up to attend Underground 9 and Yanik will give you a copyI’ll be there. And before I get there, I’ll be studying Yanik’s course.NOTE:  The bonus is not mentioned on the Underground Sales page, but  we will personally find every order from Internet Independence readers and give them access to the copywriting course. Thanks, Yanik

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